How the #NJMOM Squad is Dealing With Quarantine


With all the chaos and confusion surrounding COVID-19, we took to Insta to ask our #NJMOM squad how they’re prepping to handle the coronavirus and quarantine. From stocking up on groceries to disinfecting every inch of the house to lining up lesson plans, here’s what you guys said you were doing to help get ready.

Be sure to check in with us and let us know how you’re handing the quarantine by tagging @NJMOM and using the hashtag #NJMOM.

It’s all about balance ??‍♀️

Multitasking mama ??

You can never be too prepared ?

This may be the best move ?

We heard wine actually fights the germs as well as hand washing ?

Major key: making sure the kiddos are occupied ?

It’s quarantine season, mama ?

Honesty is key and we’ll all get through this together ?‍?‍?

She must have went to Costco ?


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