Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy This Summer


Just thinking of getting your kids to eat healthy this summer can be a nightmare. However, it is much easier than force-feeding them spinach, brussel sprouts, or kale. Check out these tips on getting your kids to eat healthy this summer.

Always keep it in the house

If unhealthy snacks are filling up your pantry, your children are bound to eat them. By eliminating these choices and substituting them with better options, your kids have no choice but to eat healthy.

  • Leave a bowl of grapes or cherries on the kitchen counter for your family to pick at whenever they want. You will be surprised by how quickly you will need to refill the bowl.
  • Substitute potato chips with nuts for a healthier snack choice.
  • Also keep the fridge stocked with water bottles instead of sugary drinks like soda.


Make it a craft

To avoid boredom, kids are always looking for fun projects to do over the summer. Instead of showing them a typical craft with paper and glue, opt for one with food in the kitchen. Allow them to choose the ingredients they want to use by taking them to your local NJ Farmer’s Market then take them home and make healthy masterpieces that they can eat.

  • Use apples, pineapples, grapes, and toothpicks to make funny figures with your little ones.
  • Let your kid be the captain of a ship! Make a celery boat and let your kids fill it with whatever they want.
  • Cut a watermelon into triangular slices and let your child put toppings on their own fruit pizza.

Don’t tell them your secrets

You can still buy the same items you always have just choose the healthier versions. Chances are your kids won’t even know the difference! Although these subtle differences may not seem like a lot, they truly make a difference in your health and your kids won’t even detect the change.

  • Buy ice cream that has half the fat, but don’t tell your kids that.
  • Try skim milk instead of 2%.
  • Substitute coconut or almond milk wherever possible.
  • Buy low sodium cheese sticks instead of regular.

Also see our top picks from Whole Foods for more options to get your kids to eat healthy this summer. You can also explore places where Kids Eat Free in NJ.






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