7 NJ Turkey Farms So You Can Shop Local This Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving around the corner, the search for the perfect turkey begins. This year you might want to consider purchasing an organic turkey from a local NJ organic turkey farm. These farms offer fresh turkeys that are not processed with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. NJ organic turkey farmers take care of their turkeys by giving them a balanced diet and plenty of space to roam freely.

Here are 4 organic turkey farms in New Jersey:

Thumann’s Inc.
Monday – Friday, 8AM-3PM
The Thumann’s All Natural line of products begins with healthiest suppliers whose livestock are fed hormone and antibiotic free feed and are raised under stress free conditions. Thumann’s uses only the purest natural ingredients such as raw cane sugar, sea salt, natural spices, no casein and no fillers. Thumann’s offers Golden Roasted turkeys that are available in 8 succulent flavors. Their oven-baked Golden Roasted Turkeys are lower in salt and are extremely lean. In addition, Thumann’s offers Raw Turkey. Thumann’s also has a variety of smoked and flavored turkey breasts.
670 Dell Road
Carlstadt, NJ
(201) 935-3636

Lee Turkey Farm
Monday – Saturday, 9AM-5PM
For more than 60 years Lee Turkey Farm has been producing turkeys of the finest quality. The turkeys are all raised on their farm and sold as oven ready whole turkey and turkey parts such as boneless breast meat, thighs, wings and legs. The turkeys are fed a natural feed mix which is made by us and are raised without medications or growth hormones. Advance orders for oven ready whole turkeys are only necessary during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
201 Hickory Corner Rd.
East Windsor, NJ
(609) 448-0629

Simple Grazing LLC
Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM
All Simply Grazin meats are 100% grass fed and USDA choice graded. We raise Broiler Chickens and Broad Breasted White turkeys in our NJ and NY farms. Our uniquely designed floorless, movable pens allow the chickens and turkeys to have access to fresh grass, bugs and plenty of sunshine daily, yet protect them from harsh elements and predators.  They are also fed supplemental organic grains and minerals, which contain soy beans and other proteins with NO animal by-products.
1932 US Highway 206
Skillman, NJ
(908) 359-6555

Spring Valley Turkey Farm
Spring Valley Turkey Farm is a family-owned and operated business growing turkeys on pasture for the Thanksgiving season. Our Broad Breasted White Turkeys are raised on open grass where they receive grain and freshwater, as well as enjoying the landscape around them. Spring Valley provides turkeys with an environment in which they can naturally thrive and live on the diet that nature has intended.
402 Spring Valley Road
Old Bridge, NJ
(732) 970-5265

Please note: The bellow suppliers practice operations that avoid the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or fillers although not having been certified USDA Organic. 

Ashley Farms
Monday – Saturday, 9AM-6PM
Sunday, 9AM-5PM
Ashley Farms is known for their fresh turkeys. The turkeys are processed and sold only at Ashley Farms. They have fresh turkeys available from September to December and fresh-frozen turkeys available year-round. Their turkey price for Thanksgiving 2015 is $3.49 per pound.
25 Hillside Avenue
Flanders, NJ
(973) 584-7578

Goffle Road Poultry Farm
Monday – Saturday, 9AM-6PM
At Goffle Road Poultry Farm they still do things the old fashioned way. They grow our birds in open turkey porches, where they get plenty of fresh air and are allowed to move freely about. Their turkeys are fed a balanced diet of various grains, corn, freshwater and are never given any steroids or preservatives. Three generations of free-range poultry farming at Goffle Road Poultry Farm has resulted in turkeys that are flavorful, juicy and healthy for your family.
549 Goffle Road
Wyckoff, NJ
(201) 444-3238

Hinck Turkey Farm
Monday – Sunday, 9AM-6PM
Since 1938, and four generations of raising turkeys Hincks Turkey farm goal has always been to provide their customers with the highest quality turkeys available. Their turkeys are fed only the finest all-natural, grains, (no animal proteins or byproducts), throughout their entire life cycle. Their turkeys are sold in a variety of ways fresh, cooked, frozen, and by the pound meaning you can order different parts of a turkey.
1414 Atlantic Avenue
Manasquan, NJ
(732) 223-5622

Abma’s Farm
Monday – Friday, 8AM-6PM
Saturday, 8AM-5:30PM
Abma’s Farm is still Bergen County’s only produce and poultry farm. They pride themselves on their family’s tradition of hard work, honest values, and selfless service. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, they provide the community with the highest-quality fresh produce, poultry and eggs from their own chickens, daily baked goods, homemade specialties from their kitchen, and artfully grown plants from their greenhouses.
700 Lawlins Road
Wyckoff, NJ
(201) 891-0278

Griggstown Farm
Monday – Friday, 10AM-6PM
Saturday, 10AM-5PM
Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Griggstwon Farm has a variety of Thanksgiving and holiday menus that are offered to complement the Farm-raised turkeys sold during November and December. They have many different pick up locations, making the trip easier. To place an order click here.
Griggstown Farm
484 Bunker Hill Road
Princeton, NJ
(908) 359-5218


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