10 DISNEY New Year’s Resolutions


Explaining the concept of a “New Year’s Resolution” to our five and seven year-olds comes with a host of questions.

“Shouldn’t I be doing that every day?”

“Is a resolution like a promise to myself?”

“Have I been doing things wrong all this time?”

Yes, sort of and no.

10 DISNEY New Year’s Resolutions In our house, we don’t make New Year’s resolutions; we simply sharpen what we practice daily. We are thankful for our friends and family, and the health and happiness of the ones we love. Explaining the value of daily routines and how they become a part of who you are, as opposed to simply a promise we make to ourselves on January 1st each year, wasn’t as simple as you’d expect.

To help provide an explanation for “What’s a New Year’s Resolution?,” we turned to Walt Disney to help make things a little easier to understand – for both parties.

Here are our 10 DISNEY New Year’s Resolutions (Life Goals):

let it go

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1. Let it Go (Frozen)

Don’t let the stressors of everyday life weigh you down. Simply put, LET IT GO!




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 2. Hakuna Matata (Lion King)

Have no worries in 2015! Be carefree and don’t let the ‘little things’ weigh you down.




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3. Paint with all the colors of the wind (Pocahontas)

Step outside your comfort zone. Accept challenges with excitement and grace…. and face your biggest fears head on.



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 4. Can you feel the love tonight (The Lion King)

Live in the present moment and be excited for what’s happening right now in front of you.




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5. A whole new world (Alladin)

Travel often to new places and explore the unknown.



bare necessities disney

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7. Bare Neccessities (The Jungle Book)

Keep life simple and look for the bare necessities.




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8. When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)

Follow your heart’s desires this year! Be fearless in following your dreams.




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9. I see the light (Tangled)

Be happy in the present moment and know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.



be our guest

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10. Be Our Guest (Beauty & The Beast)

Have parties, gatherings and play dates with the people you love.


What are your family’s New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any Additional Disney New Year’s Resolutions to share?


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