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Since 1932, Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ has been pushing the boundaries of what it means for families to spend a day at the beach. This oceanside amusement park is a landmark to the Jersey Shore, with signature rides, such as the Wave Swinger and the Music Express, that welcome families back every summer, generation after generation. This year is no different, with the addition of the brand new Hydrus, a 72-foot-tall rollercoaster that rockets sky-high at 45 miles per hour.

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Celebrate summer with the newest addition to the Jersey Shore

After losing family-favorite attractions in Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Casino Pier quickly rebuilt to prove its resilience among the rest of the coastal communities. Outdated rides, like the JetStar, were replaced by July 2013, when the Pier had its grand re-opening of the lower deck. Since then, Casino Pier rebuilt, refurbished, and reimagined its image along Seaside’s beach. Some of the newest additions to Casino Pier include a Ferris Wheel and the Hydrus Rollercoaster, both of which opened in 2017.


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For the thrill-seekers in your family, the Hydrus Rollercoaster is a ride you do not want to miss this summer. Although this ride will be replacing the iconic JetStar, the spirit and thrills of the JetStar will live on. Older children looking for new experiences (and even a scream or two!) will be attracted to the 97 degree drop, a vertical loop, an Immelmann turn, and a “heartland roll.” Jumpstart your stay in Seaside Heights with an adrenaline-pumping ride on Hydrus. (10 credits to ride. 48” Minimum Height Restriction for All Riders.)

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The Ferris Wheel, standing at a proud 131 feet tall, features 34 gondolas big enough for a family of six. Children of all ages will adore this brand new amusement park staple, with its gentle ride and spectacular views of the coastline. One Ferris Wheel cart will be accessible to passengers with disabilities, welcoming every visitor to see the shore like never before. (Six credits to ride. 54” Minimum Height All Riders. 36” to 54” Must Be Accompanied By a Paying Adult.)

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Seaside Heights continues to be one of the most popular summertime destinations in New Jersey for families. From rides and amusements at Casino Pier, and aquatic thrills at Breakwater Beach to soaking up the surf and sun and strolling along the exciting boardwalk, the fun never ends.

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