Fall Sports in New Jersey


Through the seasons, sports play a big role in our society both at the professional level and local town teams! With the start of Autumn, adults and kids alike are ready to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather. Across the state towns have their own teams and popular sports such as football, field hockey and soccer! Make sure to check with your local Sports Association to learn more about the opportunities in your area! What is your favorite Fall sport? Let us know in the comments below.


When you think of Fall, what is the first sport that comes to mind? For most people, their first thought is football! Associated with crisp, cool weather, football is an all time favorite and a staple in many towns across NJ! Most local towns have three teams, Pee-Wee for the little ones, JV for kids who are getting older and Varsity for the oldest kids! Friday nights, people in town go down to the fields and sit in the bleachers with their blankets and hot cocoa and enjoy the game! Are You Ready For Some Football?!


One of those sports that have die hard fans who follow, soccer is a very popular Fall sport! While soccer has previously been regarded as a predominantly male sport, the USA’s Women’s Team has shattered that! Across NJ most towns have their own recreational or travel teams and kids can start as young as 3 to learn the sport! A lot of children begin at the level where it is more of running and learning to kick the ball and then slowly move up to more challenging skills and real games!

Field Hockey

Beginning in middle school, girls in most towns have the opportunity to learn how to play Field Hockey! Similar to ice hockey, field hockey has many of the same positions and rules of play! Once players enter high school, the games can be more competitive and for some it is an intense sport!

Cross Country

As the weather beings to cool down and schools get ready to start the new school year, runners get back out on the track and enjoy their passion! Cross country refers to long distance running for both men and women. The distance that runners travel depends on skill and race details! Cross country teams travel to schools in their region where they compete against one or more schools!


Although some may not consider cheerleading a sport, girls and boys who sign up for a team have rigorous physical demands especially as they get older! You see them on the sidelines at football games and basketball games, their primary focus is to radiate spirit while their teams play! There are also competition teams which can be based out of a school or a studio where cheerleaders train week after week and compete against other teams for coveted awards! Tumbling, dancing, rhythm and lifting are just some of the components of cheerleading!

Fall Baseball

Baseball may begin in the Spring, but games go as late as October! For professional baseball, October is one of the most exciting months for the game with the World Series and the fight to the finish! Similarly, local teams and school teams play into Fall and get outside during the cooler months!


If your school district has a pool, you can usually find the swimmers practicing and competing in the Fall! It may be cool outside, but inside the pool area can be heated and ready for swimmers to hop in the water. One of the most impressive sports, swimming is a true testament to physical ability and dedication. At a swimming meet, there are several heats containing strokes such as the butterfly, freestyle, back stroke and more!

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