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Go ahead, take a look at your to-do list for this week. Does it have a million things on it like mine? Birthday parties, school projects, grocery shopping, oil changes, soccer practice, work meetings, etc.; the list is never-ending. NJMOM’s are the busiest people we know; wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to juggle and keep track of on a regular basis?

Say hello to your new personal assistant and best friend, Online Garage®, powered by AAA. 

Online Garage is a FREE, new online tool that helps you keep track of your car’s previous service and repair records, saves you money on future repairs, and notifies you when it’s time to head to the shop for maintenance. It remembers when you had your last engine service, when your brake pads were last replaced, when your tires were last rotated, and so much more. Most impressive of all, you’ll receive regular reminders which will help cut down your unnecessary repairs in addition to saving you money.

Features Moms Will Love About Online Garage:

Simply put; this tool is a one-stop shop to help you manage care and maintenance for all of your cars!

There’s no longer a need to waste time looking up information, searching for customer service phone numbers, and browsing through paper copies of repair receipts. Online Garage brings the information to you, the busy mom, without even having to ask.

  • Email and text maintenance reminders right to our smartphones and computers. (For us, this is reason enough to love Online Garage!)
  • Information on fair prices for each repair so we are informed before going to the shop.
  • Recall information sent to you in case you miss a manufacturer’s notice. You’ll no longer hear about a safety recall secondhand through a friend or a news report.
  • Schedule and re-schedule appointments online with the built-in tool.
  • History of repairs, services, and associated costs for every driver’s vehicles.
  • Coupons! Online Garage will provide you with coupons for repairs that you actually need, when you need them. We love saving money whenever possible.

“It’s easy to feel like I’m always spending money on my cars. I love having a tool that helps me keep keep a running tally of the work done on them – something I just don’t have time for.”

Top Benefits Moms Notice:

  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and receiving coupons for repairs at the time you need them.
  • Your car will last longer with the correct amount of routine maintenance.
  • Less stress! You’ll never again need to remember the last time your timing belt was replaced; thank you very much.
  • Organization is an NJMOM’s best friend. All of the information you need for every car in your family will be in one place.

When it comes down to it, our cars are our livelihood as busy women. Whether you’re handy and car-savvy, or if you’re like me and need guidance in almost all car-related departments, Online Garage is key to helping to minimize problems and owning a great running car. For me, this tool is a game-changer when it comes to staying on top of preventative maintenance and keeping organized. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of checking off one more ‘to-do’ from your list.

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Although this article was sponsored by AAA, all opinions are our own.



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