Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend


On Sunday, February 22, my parents, son, and I experienced Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend, a Vee Corporation Production, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

We were filled with excitement as we made our way into the theater.

My son was filled with so much excitement as we made our way into the theater!

First of all, the location was convenient. It was an easy train ride into Penn Station and then a short walk upstairs to Madison Square Garden. It was recommended to arrive an hour early, so we used that time to find our seats and explore the venue. Seating was very well organized in my opinion. It was really easy to see the stage no matter where you sat.

The venue was filled with excited parents, grandparents, and children. The 90 minute show featured Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, and many other friends from Sesame Street. Make a New Friend welcomed Chamki, Grover’s friend from India. During Chamki’s visit everyone (but Oscar the Grouch, oh course) enjoyed the excitement of friendship, singing, and dancing.

The scenery, costumes, and characters were so bright and colorful!

The scenery, costumes, and characters were so bright and colorful!

My favorite part of the show was learning the lesson that it’s okay to not want to do everything that your friend does. It’s also okay to not like the same things. As an elementary school teacher, I have seen many students face the challenge of trying hard to fit in. Sesame Street Live did a good job of showing that it’s okay to embrace the differences in yourself and one another.

Sesame Friendship

Abby Cadabby and new friend Chamki learn about friendship.

I was pretty impressed with how well the characters moved and danced. There were fun songs in the show mixed with recreations of popular songs like Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” and Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.” The show also included educational songs about letters, numbers (thanks to the Count), and words from the Spanish and Hindi languages.

Sesame Street Live was full of educational songs.

Sesame Street Live was full of educational songs.

I have many positive comments about the show, but in my view the volume of the music went beyond the comfortable decibal threshold for a toddler as the finale drew closer. My son (21 months old) was slightly overwhelmed by this. It was definitely an exciting ending, but if the volume was turned down slightly I think it would have been more enjoyable. .

Overall, it was a fun experience and a nice evening. Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend will be at Madison Square Garden until March 1st.

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Other Ways to Purchase Tickets

Go: MSG Box Office, 4 Penn Plaza (7th Ave. between 31st & 33d streets, NYC)
Call Ticketmaster: 866-858-0008
Other Options:
Groups 9+:212-465-6080,
Disabled Services: 212-465-6034

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