Wondering About NJ Schools? Learn More With NJMOM’s Newest Partnership


We are in an unprecedented era of parenting and schooling—now, more than ever, we mamas need as much support and shared information as we can get. And with NJ schools looking so much different this year, NJMOM is committed to supporting the growing needs of our NJMOM community with in-depth resources, expert insight and thoughtful discussion. With that said, NJMOM is thrilled to be partnering with News12 New Jersey to bring moms across New Jersey weekly updates on the state of our schools.

NJ Schools, There’s A Lot To Say Right Now—What Do You Want To Hear Us Talk About?

Every Tuesday night at 8:00PM we’ll be on Facebook featuring a new guest who can offer perspective on varying topics related to the state of our schools during the pandemic. We would love for you to take a moment to respond to our weekly poll questions we’ll be discussing on-air each week. We’ll be covering these topics and results weekly on News12 New Jersey, and your comments might be featured on NJMOM and News12.

Meet our NJMOM TV Host

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Marisa Brahney, NJMOM’s TV Host, doing an at-home NJMOM broadcast on News12– can you spot our #NJMOM mug in the background?

You may not know before working at NJMOM, our NJMOM TV host Marisa Brahney was an anchor at News12 New Jersey for six years and had a weekly segment called Mom’s Minute. There, she shared topics and guests that New Jersey moms were eager to see highlighted and discussed.

“As a new mom at the time, my segment helped me realize the power of community in motherhood. Now working with NJMOM, hosting our videos, and weekly social LIVE chats, I have seen and heard from all of you just how valuable it is to be able to talk through the unanticipated and ever-changing ways the pandemic is impacting our families and our kids,” says Marisa.

Want to stay up to date?

Head to our weekly poll page and check back next week for new questions and additional resources for the school year. And be sure to follow NJMOM on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, and join our email list for all the latest info, updates and fun things to do around the Garden State.


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