Jersey Shore’s Best Fitness Studio Helps You Hustle for That Muscle Year-Round


We could give you a number of reasons why personal and group training at Shore Movements located in Bradley Beach goes down in our book as unparalleled (NJMOM CEO, Christine Curatolo, trains here two times a week!), but we’ll pick the most important one: intimate and custom wellness solutions to get you results quickly – and it doesn’t hurt that it all takes place in a vibrant beach-side community at the Jersey Shore. With a combination of personal training, nutritional support, and group training programs, the trainers at Shore Movements show us how to effectively hustle for that muscle all year-round, and not just for a short-lived beach bod we’re dreaming of strutting come summer.

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Intimate group classes + personal training at the Jersey Shore

Through a mix of feel-good fitness classes you can easily find on the Mind Body App (we love Beach Bags, which incorporates teardrop water-filled boxing bags that absorb the impact of punches and ideal for beginners!), and unique 24/7 nutritional support services that go above making sure you receive your full daily intake – Shore Movements sets you on the path for long-lasting results. A personal training coach, like Jessica Eme, helps clients customize a health strategy, including meal plans, for a new and improved lifestyle – whether that is simply a shift, or a 180-degree change – and then guides them beyond studio doors. “Our work doesn’t end when they finish a 45-minute session,” said Jessica.

“We strive to help them make changes from their workouts, diet, and mindset so they understand their health is mental as much as it is physical.” – Jessica Eme, personal coach

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Jessica Eme, Personal Trainer at Shore Movements in Bradley Beach

Nutritional programs that help you reach your goals faster

And don’t be mistaken – this does not mean spending your days hangry and cutting out all your favorite foods. Owner and Jersey Shore native, Mike Billow, reassures us: “We don’t want our clients to diet at an intense level, but instead integrate healthier choices into their daily regimen. By focusing on daily modification of unhealthy habits and introducing a slow progression of workouts, the trainers at Shore Movements will help you see results in a short amount of time.” Through personal training and nutritional support, Mike now helps hundreds of clients reach their health goals each month at Shore Movements.

“Oftentimes, clients remark that they love the private studio rather than being with a trainer on a large gym floor,” Jessica says. “I’m proud that we are able to have this space for people to let their guard down and allow themselves to be vulnerable with us so they can challenge themselves and reach goals they never expected to conquer.”

For Mike and Jessica, seeing their clients experience positive changes that come from being active is the reward. “We have various ability levels that come to the studio, but the most important part is to just start moving,” said Jessica. While recounting the story of a client who was recovering from a back surgery after falling off her horse, Mike tells us about her transformation after working with Shore Movements. “She gained core strength and also lost weight in the process, and I saw her confidence in body image improve. When she was able to run around with her nieces at a family party, picking them up for hugs for the first time in years – it brings so much meaning to my work to know that she’s been given back a part of her life.” Pretty motivating, right?

And if that’s not enough motivation for you, did we mention – do it for the after-selfie.

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