One Of Many “Firsts”: Point Pleasant Boardwalk


I basically grew up on the Jersey Shore’s Point Pleasant boardwalk. That’s where my parents took my brother, sister and me to go on the rides as kids. In high school, my friends and I hung out at the boardwalk, and I worked there during the summer.

As I got a little older, I went to the bars on the boardwalk and would meet friends there for lunch. I even proposed to my wife on the beach in Point Pleasant. Now, I bring my family to spend the day at the boardwalk, and last week was Cassidy’s first trip – at nine weeks old.

Cassidy’s First Day Trip to the Boardwalk – One of Many “Firsts”

IMG_0518With my three-year-old, Caitlin, who was born at the end of May, we waited until September for her first boardwalk trip. The crowds die down after Labor Day and the temperatures are a little cooler. And I have zero tolerance for the tourists.

But my wife, Kelly, and I desperately needed to get out of the house. Caitlin is old enough to go on the rides by herself, and the forecast was for 80 degrees, sunny skies and low humidity, so Cassidy’s first boardwalk trip came a few weeks earlier than planned.

It was our first real day trip with two kids and about 45 minutes in the car, making it a little nerve-wracking. The day could have been derailed in about 8,000 ways, but surprisingly, there wasn’t even one spit up or explosive poop.

We made it work. We spent about an hour at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium, had lunch, and Caitlin fearlessly went on almost every ride at the amusement park, including a small rollercoaster. For a three-year-old, that’s pretty impressive.


Cassidy actually slept through most of the day with the exception of two bottle break. She’ll have many more opportunities to enjoy the boardwalk when she’s actually aware of what’s going on. On this day, she made our lives easier by “relaxing.”

As both girls slept on the ride home, one of many “firsts” was in the books. And it was a really, really great day.

Every mom and dad remembers “firsts,” whether it’s the first smile, the first trip to the boardwalk, or baby’s first Christmas. It’s one of the best things about being a parent. Digital cameras and social media make it easy to save and share those firsts, too.

We already have Cassidy’s first Halloween costume picked out, and she should be old enough to enjoy her first pumpkin patch excursion. Expect to hear more about that in a couple of months.

Hopefully, this will come before her first ear infection and her first cold. Not all firsts are memorable in a good way, right?

What has been your most memorable “first”?


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