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Ever growing in popularity, natural birthing in New Jersey is definitely becoming a thing. As a phrase that bounces around so frequently – whether in the hospital setting, off the tongues of expecting parents, or in the deep creases of the blogosphere – “Natural Birthing” can start to seem like a pretty ambiguous term.

What does ‘Natural Birthing’ actually mean?

Natural Birth is the alternative to the technological or medical birthing method that has been adopted as the societal norm in hospitals over the past century. Minimizing cesareans and other invasive procedures, plus avoiding anesthesia and additional medications is the goal of natural birthing. New Jersey is bountiful with many options for expecting parents looking for a more natural birth experience. From pregnancy care to comfort and expertise during labor and delivery, there is no shortage of options for natural birthing “helpers” around New Jersey.

1. Chiropractic Care + Webster Technique

It’s no secret that lower back pain is one of the most notorious symptoms of pregnancy, especially during the final trimester. For that reason alone, chiropractic treatments during pregnancy can prove beneficial to soothe soreness and readjust spine alignment that might have slipped out of balance (thanks to the extra cargo!) But there are even more exciting reasons to consider regular visits to the chiropractor during your nine months. The Webster Technique is used by certified chiropractors to achieve balance in the pelvic area with the goal of improving positioning for the baby during birth. In addition to decreased risk of breech birth, experts also suggest that mothers who undergo Webster treatments experience shorter labor, due to the infant’s already head-down positioning. Technology also plays a role in the wellness of mama’s spine. Lawrence Family Chiropractic and Wellness uses the Pierce Results System, a computerized instrument that not only evaluates your spine, but notices how it moves through a normal range of motion. These techniques, and more, make it more profitable than ever for expecting mothers to visit their certified chiropractor.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to help maintain pregnancy, control nausea, deliver full-term infants with ease, and produce healthier infants. Further, chiropractic care has demonstrated success with back pain, premature contractions, and even back labor. Finally, chiropractic spinal adjustments have been shown to reduce labor by 50-60% and lessen medication requirement by at least half!
Dr. Eric Jaszewski of Lawrence Family Chiropractic

Where to find Webster Technique Chiropractic Care:
Lawrence Family Chiropractic and Wellness in Lawrence Township, NJ
Coombs Chiropractic in Point Pleasant, NJ
Innate Living Center in Manalapan, NJ

2. Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture is the practice of pricking the skin or tissue with needles, with the goal to alleviate pain or treat a wide array of medical conditions. Many symptoms that mothers-to-be experience are frequently treated with acupuncture in New Jersey, such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, depression, anxiety, dizziness, nausea associated with morning sickness, and much more. Expecting moms who are considering acupuncture as treatment for your symptoms should consider working with licensed acupuncturists who have had extensive training and practice with pregnant women. The benefits of this natural treatment can be worth the extra bit of research.

Getting acupuncture regularly during pregnancy is an excellent way to maintain your immune system. Keeping your immune system in check can really make a difference when it comes to all of the changes that are happening every single day during your pregnancy. Maintaining your general health throughout your entire pregnancy can also make a real difference during labor, recovery, and the postpartum phase.
– Sara Khosrowjerdi MS L.Ac. of Acupuncture Atelier

Where to find acupuncturists with pregnancy specialties:
Health Source Acupuncture in Linwood and Toms River, NJ
Acupuncture Atelier in Hoboken, NJ
Acupuncture Center for Reproductive Health in Pluckemin, NJ
Liv Acupuncture in Paramus, NJ

3. Midwifery in NJ

Midwives are trained professionals who assist the mother during labor, delivery, and postpartum care for mothers looking to receive as little medical intervention as possible. Oftentimes, midwives are specifically trained in natural birthing techniques that aim to avoid unnecessary cesarean sections or unwanted medications. While many midwives in New Jersey can perform home births, many hospitals welcome midwives in their facilities. Select hospitals around the state, such as CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center, welcome Certified Nurse Midwives to assist in labor and delivery, making it easy to coordinate midwife care. Utilizing natural pain management techniques, such as whirlpool tubs {yes, please!}, mom can feel comfortable knowing her midwife has only her and baby’s best interests in mind.

Women who choose a midwife have same options for pain management as everyone else. But if women want to attempt to give birth drug-free, a midwife is more likely to support that choice. She will work during the entire pregnancy to help her client prepare for the labor and delivery. During the birth, midwives encourage their clients to be up moving around, eat and drink, ambulate, use the shower, tub, squat bar, and birth ball.
Lisa Lederer CNM, President Midwives of New Jersey

Where to find Midwives in New Jersey:
CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center
The Midwives of New Jersey
Jersey Shore University Medial Center in Neptune, NJ

4. Water Birthing + Pain Management

Although water birthing has gained popularity in recent history, this natural birthing option for women is not a new idea. In fact, women throughout history have used warm baths to ease pain during labor and create a soothing environment that eases stress and welcomes baby to the world with a gentle transition. There are many benefits for both mom and baby with water births. Mothers can easily assume comfortable and weightless positions, warm water reduces blood pressure, and the natural pain relief reduces the need for unwanted drugs.

When a woman gets into the tub, her perception of the sensation of each contraction is lessened, so she can relax; some women can even sleep through some of those contractions, or sleep in between them. The baby, being born into water, also has a much gentler experience coming into the world.
Dina Aurichio CPM, of New Birth Experiences

Who facilitates water births in New Jersey?
Gentle Beginnings in Elmer and Haddon Heights, NJ
Midwives of New Jersey at Morristown Medical Center
New Birth Experiences in Branchburg and Ocean Grove, NJ

5. The Dos and Don’ts of Doulas

Often confused with midwives, there is a distinction between these two professional roles. While midwives are medical professionals with the training to deliver your baby, doulas can be considered as your pregnancy support system. Doulas are professionals who provide emotional, informational, and physical support before, during, and after birth at home or in a hospital. Their primary goal is to help you achieve the birth plan and experience that fits your needs and wishes. This can include a number of services including help writing birth plans, unlimited prenatal contact via email and/or text messaging, birth support, breastfeeding initiation help, and postpartum services. Finding the right doula for you is a personal feat, and it is important to go with someone you feel extremely comfortable around, and most importantly – trust. The good news is that you’ll be rewarded with a bonding relationship that is valuable on many emotional and educational levels during your pregnancy and natural birth.

A doula is a great support to both expectant parents as well as parents who have had children already. A doula comes with a wealth of knowledge that can make labor more manageable, as well as guide a family in knowing their options.
Tracee Gonzalez, Co-owner Premier Doulas, LLC, CD

Doulas we love in NJ:
Premier Doulas in Maywood, NJ
Bloom Doula & Birth Services
in Pittstown, NJ
Doula Dove Love in Milltown, NJ

Did you have a natural birth in New Jersey? Leave a comment below to tell us about your experience.





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