Five Signs You Have A Toddler


While you may think it is easy to pick a mother out of a crowd, it is even easier to pick out a mother of a toddler. There are distinct characteristics of a mother raising a little one that you just can’t deny. 

Here are the five signs you have a toddler:

1. You are always exhausted

Why wouldn’t you be? You don’t get to sit around all day and read a book by the pool. If you have a toddler you never stop. You are running around playing endless games of hide and seek or duck-duck-goose. You are driving to preschool, ballet, the grocery store, and countless other places. You are cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and playing more games of hide and seek. The job of a mother never ends, especially one of a toddler. So you have bags under your eyes and you don’t have any energy to put on makeup, who cares? You are the mother of a toddler, we understand.

2. Crumbs are everywhere

From dinner in a high-chair to a snack in the car, you know the food gets everywhere. In your hair, on the floor, or on your child’s clothes, food never seems to find its way to the mouth of your little one. You may be surprised where you find some crumbs, wondering how did pretzels end up in my bra? You just shake your head and get it out, knowing that having crumbs everywhere is one of the five signs you have a toddler. We’ve all been there.

3. You keep a change of clothes in your bag (or you should)

Because of sign number two, you obviously must keep at least a clean shirt for your little one with you at all times. From puke to juice and sauce to dirt, your child’s clothes will never be remotely close to the way they were when you bought them. The mess doesn’t stop on the clothes either. It will be all over your child’s face and mouth, so as a mom of a toddler you obviously always have wipes, too. Messes are never ending.

4. You are a little crazy

Don’t lie. We all know we’ve either put two different shoes on our toddler’s feet or worse two different shoes on our own feet. This is definitely a red flag and one of the signs you have a toddler. You dial your mom’s number instead of the doctor, you start talking to yourself, or maybe you call your children the wrong names. You have little ones running around, of course you’re going to be a little crazy!

5. You have no idea what is on TV

As a parent of a toddler you know the drill, if the TV is on it must be on Disney Junior. If you even think of grabbing the remote and changing the channel for a second, your little ones will be screaming. So you’ve said your goodbyes to all of the drama series you were watching and although you would love to catch the new late night talk show you’re just too exhausted to stay up for them. For now you’ll just have to settle for watching a lot of cartoons, but hey they can be funny, too!

These five signs you have a toddler are dead giveaways, but will quickly change once your little one grows out of the toddler years.


About Author

Abby Jurgens is a student at Villanova University majoring in Communications and minoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her parents and older sister. Although she is in love with her hometown of Wyckoff and enjoys dining at Café Amici there, Abby also loves going to Cape May every summer with her family and eating at Panico’s. While at home in Wyckoff, you can find Abby playing sports with friends, listening to country music, and helping her mom in the kitchen. Family is very important to her and she loves any minute she gets to spend with all of her relatives. She also loves to read and write because everyone’s words are so different and unique; she loves hearing the way people use their voices.