Thank You New Jersey Teachers For All You Do ❤️


Now more than ever, we are extra thankful for all of the amazing teachers in our lives who work tirelessly to educate our kids. Not only are you teaching our little ones virtually day-in-and-out (and overcoming all of the obstacles that come with it), you’re educating and parenting your own kids at home, while handling all of the additional life chores of being a mom. We wanted to take this moment, National Teacher Appreciation Week, to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication— but know we thank our lucky stars for you every day, too.

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“To all those teachers that go above and beyond to help our children have a bright future.” ?

“We miss our teachers terribly, but through their hard work, we’re able to make the most of it.” ☺️

“Teachers are the most special ‘hyoomins’ you will ever meet!” ✨

“It’s been hard not seeing Miss Alana or my friends during quarantine, but she’s made it so fun!” ❤️

“The loving environment our teachers created in their classrooms seamlessly transitioned to online learning” ?

“Thank you, teachers, for all you do for our kids each day. We now know firsthand that your job is pretty impossible.” ???


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