Relax Yo’ Self, Mom


While the job of being a mom has no days off, it is really important to find some time for yourself. Moms need to unwind and relax a little so they can be on their game at all times for their children. Here are a few ways you as a moms can find time for yourself either alone or with friends for a mini mind vacation from the kids.

Get away for a day or a weekend to a NJ Beach with your hubby or girlfriends.

The calming of the ocean, the plush sand, and the warm sun make the beach a perfect place for a mommy day off. Bring a book or a bottle of wine and just let your mind rest. Go alone or bring a few friends for a girl’s day.

Spend the morning at a NJ Farmer’s Market.

If you have a lot of kids and not much time opt for a morning off. Get up on a Saturday before anyone else and take your time picking fresh fruit and vegetables at a Farmer’s Market. While it may seem like your still doing a mom task of grocery shopping, doing it alone allows you to free your mind from all distractions and have some quiet time before heading back to a house full of crazy kids.

Go to a NJ Spa for the day.

For the ultimate way to find time for yourself spend your time at a spa. You will instantly feel relaxed and at ease with a massage. But don’t stop there mommy. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, and a full body treatment, too. You will come back home glowing and feeling fresh after a well-deserved mommy day.

Spend the day shopping.

This option is great because without children the shopping experience is a much smoother and easier one. Window shop at the stores you never get to peer into because your kids are dragging you away or maybe even buy a new pair of shoes for yourself. Shopping alone is peaceful because there is no rush; you decide how much time you want to spend at each store. Or bring along some friends so you can get opinions on how you look in your new purchases.

Go to a Sip and Paint class.

Grab a few friends and sign up for a painting class. If you think these classes are your ordinary painting classes, think again. You don’t have to have any art skills, you won’t be judged, and the best part is you get to drink wine. The perfect way to find time for yourself while having a fun night is to attend a sip and paint class. Your mind will definitely be at ease for at least a few hours.

About Author

Abby Jurgens is a student at Villanova University majoring in Communications and minoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her parents and older sister. Although she is in love with her hometown of Wyckoff and enjoys dining at Café Amici there, Abby also loves going to Cape May every summer with her family and eating at Panico’s. While at home in Wyckoff, you can find Abby playing sports with friends, listening to country music, and helping her mom in the kitchen. Family is very important to her and she loves any minute she gets to spend with all of her relatives. She also loves to read and write because everyone’s words are so different and unique; she loves hearing the way people use their voices.