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With limited social interaction, unprecedented parenting pressures, and a lot of togetherness, we mamas have needed a laugh (or a hundred) to get us through these incredibly challenging times. And when you’re scrolling Insta, spotting a good mom meme goes a long way toward lightening the mood and making you feel understood and supported (sharing it with friends helps too). That’s why this week, we’ll be sitting down with Tara Clark, creator of the wildly popular Instagram account, Modern Mom Probs—a must-follow for all the amusing and laugh-out-loud mom memes she posts. We’ll be chatting about how finding a little humor can help us get through tough moments, where she gets her inspiration, and some of her most viral pandemic parenting memes. So head over to our YouTube and Facebook pages on Tuesday at 8 PM and join us for a little break from the madness. Send a quick hello in the comments, tell us how you’re doing, maybe even share your favorite mama meme— we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, answer our weekly poll, and you could be featured on NJMOM and News12 New Jersey.

Tara Clark, Founder of Modern Mom Probs and #NJMOM

About Tara Clark

Tara Clark is the hilarious and authentic voice of a generation of modern mothers. After working in social media at Nickelodeon, she established Modern Mom Probs, a parenting, and lifestyle Instagram account, in 2017. On it, she presents real issues facing modern parents in a humorous, heart-warming light. Tara also creates content for the parenting powerhouse website Scary Mommy and was featured in (201) Magazine as an Influencer to Watch. Tara is also a frequent guest on podcasts discussing modern parenting, including Marriage and Martinis, Fun in a Mom Bun, Mother Her, and Breaking Down Parenting – The Parent Normal Podcast. She is the author of the book Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21 Century Mothers.

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So pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and then meet us over on our YouTube page and Facebook page (click the videos tab on the left-hand side) at 8PM this Tuesday, February 9th. And be sure to answer our quick poll (it’s short, we promise— and you might be featured on NJMOM and News12 New Jersey this week). To learn more about Tara and Modern Mom Probs, check out her Instagram, website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

About Author

Melanie Bodner has always had a love for writing, but now she has a new love…being a mom. Before having her kids, Melanie was no stranger to writing or working with children. She wrote for a local newspaper as a reporter and taught English and Dance in a public school. Now Melanie enjoys spending time with her kids, doing yoga, writing and decorating her home. Check out her Instagram @burlapbythebeach.