Medieval Times Welcomes It’s First Queen – Finally! ?


For the very first time in 34 years, Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, is casting a strong female role in the authentic 11th-century themed show. The company has traditionally cast a king as the lead role, but starting this year in partial response to guest feedback, there’s a matriarch in the castle and we couldn’t be more excited. She’s the sole ruler of the land which seems rather fitting if you ask us.

The Queen Takes the Reigns at Medieval Times ?

“Where previously our female characters played in more supportive roles, we are now showing a woman fully in charge, a woman whose authority is sometimes challenged, but she quickly rises to the occasion as a strong leader, squelching opposition,” says Ingrid Hunt, Medieval Times General Manager

She is cast as firm but kind, and she’s highly respected throughout the kingdom. The idea to cast a queen came from guest feedback. Guests said they’d like to see females playing more significant roles. (NJMOM editor’s note: we support this, too!)

A family-friendly show & dinner awaits at Medieval Times

Lots of other exciting new updates at Medieval Times

While jousting, fighting, horsemanship, medieval decor, paper crowns, and a four-course feast remain staples at Medieval Times, with this new role, comes lots of significant changes to get excited about.

  • Over 700 new costumes were custom designed & handmade
  • Over 200 new suits of armor and shields were custom designed & handmade
  • Dr. Daniel May, composer and jazz pianist, who created music for the show in Kiev, has composed new music for the U.S. shows providing the experience of a live film score that is timed with each character’s movements and decisions
  • Adding lots of additional lights and a new LED Lighting system to many theaters

Tickets are available at or by calling 1-888-935-6878. Medieval Times is located at 149 Polito Avenue in Lyndhurst, NJ.

About Medieval Times

Medieval Times was founded in 1977 in Spain. It launched in North America in 1983 and has since opened nine castles across the United States and in Toronto, Canada. It has been performed for 65 million guests in its 34 years. For more, visit

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