How You Can Help An NJMOM In Need Care For Her Baby


Did you know that 1 in every 3 New Jersey families is struggling with buying diapers for their babies and toddlers? Did you also know public assistance programs don’t cover diapers? As more and more families find themselves struggling to make ends meet, especially during the pandemic and recent damage from Hurricane Ida, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ) will hold its inaugural #GreatBigDiaperDrive in honor of National Diaper Need Awareness Week, occurring from September 27 through October 3.

Leading the campaign are CFBNJ’s Emerging Leaders Board and Women Fighting Hunger. In partnership with community organizations, corporate supporters, and caring individuals, CFBNJ will collect diapers, hygiene supplies, and cash donations to ensure that no #NJMOM or her children are in need of these necessities.

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great big diaper drive community food bank of new jersey

Why your help is needed

We’ve all been there—feeling that panic that comes over you when you don’t have a diaper within reach. Whether you’re at the supermarket and forgot to refill your diaper bag or you’ve got your baby on the changing table and run out of diapers, knowing your baby is uncomfortable and fussy from a dirty diaper is disheartening. Now imagine being a mother who is struggling to not only feed your family but don’t know how you’re going to buy the next box of diapers or other essential hygiene supplies. It’s the feeling no parent should have—making the impossible choice between food and diapers for their child.

With the cost of diapers adding up to $80 a month per baby, this is a huge crisis and stress for families in need. Diapers are not covered by most federally funded public assistance programs, such as SNAP or WIC, because they are not food items.

Not having these necessary supplies can cause significant health and safety concerns for both mothers and their children. It’s also a ripple effect—families can be hindered by not having the supplies to provide for childcare needs and consequently skip work and ultimately feel inadequate with further emotional stress.

great big diaper drive community food bank of new jersey

Here’s how to help out

Most needed items for the drive include diapers (all sizes, but especially sizes 4-6, as well as adult diapers), baby wipes, and baby cream. All items must be new and in original packaging.

Cash donations are particularly valuable because, for every $1 donated, CFBNJ can donate six diapers to families in need. Every little bit counts, so click here to contribute however much you can. And know that your donation will help make life brighter and better for so many other families. Groups and individuals are also invited to help raise awareness and run their own drives.

For more information on how you can support #GreatBigDiaperDrive, visit

Since 2014, CFBNJ has been a member of the National Diaper Bank and distributes diapers to more than 100 community partners annually throughout the state, an effort it hopes to expand by making #GreatBigDiaperDrive an annual affair. In the coming year, CFBNJ’s ongoing diaper and hygiene initiatives aim to distribute over 13.2 million diapers and 8.6 million menstrual supplies, which will be made possible by the generous #GreatBigDiaperDrive donations, as well as leadership gifts from the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Greater Newark Health Care Coalition, The Melchiorre Family, Jewish Women’s Foundation, and The Nicole and David Tepper Foundation.



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