Earn Up to $300 Testing New Products {New Studies For Kids Too!}


Spring is in the air, so now is a perfect time to try new self-care and everyday products and get paid for it. That’s right, at Consumer Product Testing Labs, you can receive up to $300 for giving your feedback on new items before they hit the store shelves. And it’s easy—you sign up for a study, visit the CPT laboratory to qualify and pick up the product, try it at home, and then revisit CPT to report back. Each week, there are new studies for the whole family, so you can get first dibs on everyday products like baby wipes, diaper creams, or makeup treats like mascara. And if you want you or your child to get in an upcoming study, you can call 973-965-8195 and press 5 for future ones you’re interested in. Read on to find out how you can test out the latest products and learn more about CPT, as well as how they’re taking actions to keep their panelists and staff safe with state-mandated operating guidelines. And be sure to check back here each week for updates.

Here are CPT’s newest must-know trials

With studies available for women, men and kids, CPT makes it simple to sign up. Click on the links for more in-depth details about each study, and keep in mind the initial visit determines if you qualify. Also, good to note: The studies change frequently, and they are always posting new ones, so be sure to like CPT’s Facebook page for daily updates and recent studies. When you’re ready to commit, check in with them to determine if the study you want is still available. You can also give them a call to make an appointment for getting qualified to become a panelist and be notified of the latest studies since they’re always taking new people to sign up and test products. And CPT has implemented multiple precautionary and safety procedures: These include wearing a face mask, limiting the number of panelists onsite at a time, arriving 15 minutes early to your scheduled appointment, a temperature pre-check, 6-feet spacing throughout the building, and more (see below), so you can feel confident that you will be safe while visiting. FYI—Sunscreen products are tested in their photobiology laboratory, and all take-home studies pay $30 and up depending on the number of visits and how long the study lasts.


Pediatric Cream to Powder Study (Talcum Free) is for boys and girls ages 3 months to 4 years who wear diapers or pull-ups. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children. The product will be used at home for 2 weeks. Visits are on March 3 and March 17, and both visits are approximately 20 minutes each. Payment is $55.

Baby Wipes Study is for boys and girls ages 3 months to 3 years. Dates to be determined soon, so call 973-965-8195 and press 5 to sign up now. Payment is $80.


Lip Product (Balm) for males and females age 18-65. This is a one-day study on February 25. Payment is $25.

Lip Balm for females and males ages 18-70. Conditioning Phase – Group 1 & 2: February 25 and Group 3: March 5. For the Test Phases (approximately 5.5. hour visit) – Group 1: March 4, Group 2: March 5, and Group 3: March 12. Payment is $100.

Eye Sting Study is a one-day study (1.5 hours) for males and females ages 18-65 on February 25 or February 26. Payment is $25.

Facial Cleanser for females ages 18-35. Visits are on February 26 and March 26, and each visit is approximately 20 minutes each. Payment is $55.

Liquid Lipstick (Red) for females ages 18-65. You will be asked NOT to introduce any new cleansing, treatment, or cleansing products during the trial. Visits are on February 26 and March 26, and each visit is approximately 20 minutes. Payment is $55.
RIPT Patch Back Study #3 is for males and females ages 18-79 starting on March 1 through March 22, returning on April 6, 7, and 9. Payment is $200.
Photo Allergy Study for males and females ages 18-65. Week 1: March 1 – March 5, Week 2: March 8 – March 12, Week 3: March 15 – March 19, no visits during week 4, Week 5: return March 29 – April 2. Skin types I to III (to be determined by lab staff), and you must have a 3-week rest from all back studies. Payment is $300.
Hydrating Mask for females 18-50. Visits are on March 2 or March 5 for approximately one hour. Payment is $40.
RIPT Patch Back Study #4 is for males and females ages 18-79 starting on March 3 through March 24, returning on April 6, 7, and 9. Payment is $200.

Foam Cleanser for females ages 18-65. Contact and non-contact wearers are currently needed. Visits are on March 4 and April 1, and each visit is approximately 30 minutes. Payment is $55.

RIPT Patch Back Study #5 is for males and females ages 18-79 starting on March 8 through March 29, returning on April 13, 14, and 16. Payment is $200.

Future Studies To Come—Call 973-965-8195 and press 5 to get on the list

  • Pediatric Studies 3 months to 4 years. If you refer a friend/relative who has a child too and they complete the study, you will receive an additional $20 finder’s fee.
  • Female facial product study for skin type V, VI
  • Studies for males and females in our Sunscreen Lab
  • Patch Studies for males and females start Monday and Wednesday
  • Female hair and scalp treatments with a dry, irritated scalp, age to be determined
  • Scalp serum for females with hair textures fine to coarse and curls straight to corkscrews, age to be determined

Get started today

Before you sign up, read what other mamas are saying about their experiences with reviewing and earning some extra money, too. When you’re ready, click here to determine what you need to do to become a panelist. If you do not see anything that piques your interest now, you can still register to become a panelist. Stop by CPT to fill out a health profile, and they’ll notify you when a study fits your credentials.

CPT is a global leader in the testing of personal care, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic products. Since 1975, the company has put integrity first and foremost when testing products and creating clinical trials.

This post is sponsored by Consumer Product Testing, a company dedicated to providing safe and ethical studies for you and your family.

Consumer Product Testing Company
70 New Dutch Lane
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004
Phone: (973) 359-5879

CPT Safety Measures Statement:

The health of our panelists and staff is our primary concern. Panelists will be contacted to schedule appointments for all studies, including patch tests. You will only be admitted into the facility if you have a scheduled appointment.

Consumer Product Testing℠ Company, Inc. (CPT℠) has implemented a Biosafety and Security Policy, with the core objective of establishing sustainable, safe operations for our employees and panelists due to the COVID‐19 pandemic. We based our policy upon analyzing best practices and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Safety Council (NSC), and local and state guidance in New Jersey.

When you arrive at our facility, the new precautionary and safety procedures outlined below will help keep you and our staff safe during these challenging times.
• CPT℠ will be limiting the number of panelists in our facility at any one time.

• While onsite, you will need to adhere to social distancing protocols. You will be asked to remain 6 feet apart from one another when in any waiting area. Each area will have spacing markers on the floor.

• We ask that you patiently wait your turn and allow more time for your visit due to the social distancing regulations.

• Our security officers will be helping facilitate social distancing and compliance with all safety procedures.

• Before your visit, you will be asked several questions concerning your general health, and you will be required to confirm those answers when you visit the facility. Any panelist exhibiting signs of COVID‐19 will not be scheduled for a clinical trial and will be turned away from our facility should they appear.

• Panelists will be required to keep your appointment schedules.

• Panelists will be required to arrive at the facility 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Personal items other than identification required for participation will not be allowed in the facility. You may be asked to wait in your car until you are called into the building. Please dress appropriately.

• Panelists will not be allowed to have anyone accompany them into the facility for their appointment. No children or additional family members.

• Panelists will be required to wear masks that meet minimum standards for their protection and our staff’s safety in accordance with the NJ State Mandate and the CPT℠ Biosafety and Security Policy. If the security officers deem that a mask does not meet the minimum standards, you will not be allowed in the building. You must keep the mask on at all times when onsite and in the facility.

• Panelists scheduled for a trial will have their temperature taken for a pass/fail, and any panelist who fails will not be admitted to the facility.

• Panelists who are admitted into the facility will sanitize their hands before entering the laboratory and again on leaving the facility.

• Panelists shall refrain from touching hard surfaces, such as doorknobs, counters, and benches.

• Panelists shall refrain from using the CPT℠ restrooms. Please plan ahead.

• Panelists will follow all traffic flow patterns established in the building, following the visual cues and all directions from staff for physical distancing.

• Panelists shall be provided trial documents that need to be read and signed in a container that will be sanitized after each use. Their daily schedule, instructions, and additional study paperwork will be provided in this sealed plastic zip‐lock bag. Each time panelists arrive for their clinical trial, they will return with their trial documents in that sealed plastic zip‐lock bag.

• Panelists shall not loiter in the building but will sanitize their hands on exiting the building immediately upon completion of their trial visit.

We want to make all of our panelists feel comfortable when participating in studies at our facility. We will be doing our best to make this a positive experience for all of our panelists. We welcome you to visit our website to see the summary of our policy for participating in a clinical trial, as well as available new studies.


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