Top #NJMOM Photos of the Week


Whether your little ones are exploring a new park, rocking out to some live music, or even just hanging around the house in adorable jammies, we love seeing your #NJMOM adventures on social media.

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Here are our top 10 #NJMOM picks from this past week:

Someone found one of nature’s surprises in Rahway River Park.

We wonder what his Instagram username is…we wanna see those shots of picturesque Packanack Lake!

Just a boy and his camera ? #packanacklake #ducks #njmom #getoutside

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One word: PUPPIES! Princeton Play Space knows how to throw a birthday party.

These little guys know that outdoor concerts are a perfect summertime activity in NJ.

This sweet, idyllic scene almost didn't happen. The little one has a cold and ordinarily I would take it easy and stay home, but I figured some fresh air and entertainment would be good for him, so we hit up a summer music concert tonight before bedtime. I regretted this instantly and almost turned the car around 10 minutes into the drive because he was outright cry-screaming (something this one has honestly never done, not even as an infant ?). Let me tell you, 10 minutes of your babe crying like that in the car feels like an eternity of pure hell. You feel totally helpless. But he eventually stopped and once we got to our destination, he had so much fun listening to the musicians and playing marching band with big brother all over the lawn. ? #MaxAndRoRo

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Summertime naps in between activities? Yes, please!

Who’s that handsome guy staring back at us in a playground mirror?

All smiles and big, comfy seats at Bowtie Cinemas.

Summertime in New Jersey: that happy face says it all!

Cassville Nursery School rockin’ out with Annie B.

Alyssa is the epitome of #microfashion in her beautiful, authentic Chinese dress.

Don’t forget to hashtag #njmom and tag @njmomhq, and your little cuties could be featured in our next photo round-up.


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