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After years of working on Wall Street, Brian Chang experienced a life-changing event that forever altered his path in life and lead him to open Sports Accupuncture & Family Wellness in Hoboken, NJ.

Once a strategy consultant and pharmaceutical compliance analyst, Chang, now referred to as Dr. Chang, is a master of the Classical Chinese medicine form, Acupuncture. This transformation of character began when Chang suffered 70% hearing loss, severe migraines, vertigo, and lose of smell from a car accident. When cures for these ailments could not be found in America, Chang found hope in Asia. The accupuncture and herbal medicine overseas was a huge breakthrough for Chang. He gained back most of his hearing, was able to jog again, and did not experience migraines or vertigo anymore. Chang was healed, restored, and transformed.

Upon his return home, he had a change of heart and left his desk job on Wall Street behind to pursue a life of healing, restoring, and transforming others through acupuncture.

Now at his Hoboken Office on Newark Street, Chang treats everything from muscle pain and stress issues to infertility, cardiac problems and addictions. While Dr. Chang’s treatments can be used on anyone, he has special focuses for women and mothers. Premenstrual syndrome, regular cycles, and menopause are a few of the health issues Dr. Chang promises to adhere to. Additionally, he also addresses infertility, morning sickness and other reproductive issues. Just about any illness or ailment you may have can be something Dr. Chang can help you with.

Because there is such a wide range of problems that Dr. Chang seeks to heal, restore, and transform, there are many techniques that he uses. All part of Chinese medicine, Dr. Chang puts eight approaches to use: acupuncture, cupping, essential oils, moxibustion, acupuncture with E-stim, laser acupuncture, ear seeds, and infrared heat. Each method has its own unique way of treating patients. Many of the techniques aim to strengthen blood and blood flow, and it’s great to know there is more than one way to get this done. Dr. Chang modifies the technique he uses based on his patient. For example, he uses essential oils or laser acupuncture for children because they don’t require needles.

Dr. Chang differentiates his practice by offering Classical Chinese Accupuncture which is different than most Accupuncturists in the US. The traditional Accupuncture offered by many others only accesses 12-20 pathways in the body. In the practice Dr. Chang offers, he uses 74 pathways to heal your body. This means Dr. Chang can target your problems faster and offer quicker healing times.

So if you decide traditional American medicine just isn’t working as well as you thought it might, or you’re looking to have overall wellness, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang and try ancient Chinese approaches that has healed people for centuries. He will give you the healing, restoring, and transforming you are looking for to cure any ailment.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit Sports Acupuncture & Family Wellness, call 201-754-0104, or email Dr. Chang at

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